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2AM People

Posted by Courtney Edge-Mattos on Mar 20, 2017 1:57:21 PM

They are the folks you know will answer the phone any time you call, who will drive to pick you up if your car breaks down, will bring you soup and make you tea when you are sick.  We have nicknamed them within our program.  We call them “2AM People.”  Take a moment.  Picture your person, or, if you are very fortunate, people.  Who are they?

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From A to Z

Posted by Courtney Edge-Mattos on Mar 13, 2017 2:01:34 PM

The little one-story ranch house is unassuming from the street view.  What it fails to tell passers-by is that it is a place of healing.  The walls are filled with artwork creations, from paintings to crayon drawings to wind chimes and sculptures made of natural elements picked up on wilderness walks.  It is a cozy jumble, messy to some, but the personification of love and home to the child who lives here.  Just outside the kitchen door is a healing herb garden.  The child in the home walks barefoot over the stone path.  She crouches and pinches off bits of lavender, rubbing the fragrant herb between her little palms.  “See, when your hands get warm, the flowers smell gets stronger.”  What was once a frenetic whirlwind of a child has morphed after cocooning in this warm home into a composed, resilient child.  She still has moments of struggle, when her body remembers things her mind resists, when the noise and chaos of the world around her becomes too much.  But after three years in the same, steadfast home, Miss A can point Little C to the garden or to a puffy chair in the living room and Little C is able to recalibrate.

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